Wednesday 11 February 2015

Oh no I did-n't!

I did. I went and did the deed!

I've watched as my kids have joined twitter and tweeted away from the top of their respective trees, not having a clue what it was about. They used some truncated form of language that I simply did not understand. Hashtags and '@' before every other just didn't seem to make sense. I couldn't see any full sentences, and I didn't really try to see the sense in it. Why would I?

I have two, three, ok, four blogs, I have two novels I'm editing, and another five I'm writing. I edit other people's books and work a day-job as a laboratory technician. Of course, I also have to cook meals, wash and clean and do all that sort of yucky stuff...

So, time to decipher a language that's only been created in the last decade or so? Uh uh! No, no, no! Too much else to do, and no time to do all the things I want to do already....but...

Well, I started looking someone up on Twitter a few days ago, found them and followed them. Suddenly three more Twitterers were offered up...'Look at these guys...they might interest you too!' I looked, and I was interested. More authors, more publishers, more editors, more people involved in saving the planet and all it's wildlife, more people who have similar interests to space and stars and animals and...and...and...

OMG! There are just too many interesting, wonderful, amazing people out there! And I've followed half of them (kidding! Only some) in just a couple of days. I'm like a woman obsessed. Correction. I am a woman obsessed! I just want to put my arms around all the creative, humorous, awesome, cool (you get the idea) folks and hug them all close! I want to know them all.

But, the downside? There are too many people to get to know properly. I want to. I really do. But I suspect I'll know only a fraction of them. But, if I get to know even a fraction of these people, I will count myself as privileged. Seven billion peeps, and I want to know who they all are...I'd better lower my expectations somewhat...the bar is a little too high. reminds me of a childhood dream. As I was growing up, I wanted to learn every language in the world, so I could speak to anyone and everyone I met. Hmmmm...unfortunately (and shamefully) I stopped learning languages, so that ambition will have to fall by the wayside. But, I am in awe of this opportunity to meet folk all around the world. How lucky I am, methinks, to be born in this era!

I wonder if everyone feels as lucky as me.

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