Monday 7 September 2015

7-7-7 challenge: The Popish Midwife

Cover of book by Mrs Jane Sharp,
practitioner in the art of midwifery
above thirty years
(from fwsa)

Some time ago, Jette, a good twitter-writer-friend, challenged me to the 7-7-7: pick seven lines from the seventh page of your WIP, then challenge seven other writers to do the same.

This was Jette's 7-7-7

Although I 'finished' The Popish Midwife (yay!), since some very brave folk are beta-reading it ready for the last almighty edit, it's not yet final <sigh>.  But that does mean The Popish Midwife is still a WIP and eligible for this challenge  :-)

So, seven lines down from the top, these are my lines:

Holding the pail of steaming water, it was as if his very soul was taken from him. He cried then. He cried like an animal in pain.
‘Why, Lord? Why do you take my wife and child without me?’ Wide eyed, he stared at the discarded mortal remains of the woman that was his life companion. ‘Has the dark of night come to claim my day? Wake me from this my worst nightmare, or take me, Lord! Take me to her!’
In horror, I watched as the man dropped to his knees, spilling scalding water on him, then plunge his hand into the water and scream, ‘Are bad dreams come to life? Take my pain that I know I dream!’

(I'll pass the challenge along on Twitter)