Tuesday 23 August 2016

The Popish Midwife Book Tour

One of the best things about having written a book? People reading it. And enjoying it!
One of the worst things about having written a book? Finding those people who're going to love it!
So, this is where a book tour comes in...

The Popish Midwife
Annelisa Christensen
In 'ye olde days', I would have had to wait for my publisher to organise a book tour. I'd have to load the car with books, prepare for reading, and signing (and hopefully having enough to sign I'd get hand-cramps holding the pen ;-) ). I might have turned up and there were loads of folk waiting for me, or I might arrive and find every seat empty, and the only people around were some half-curious readers looking for their next book on the shelves, wondering what was going on, and when it would start... not realising it should've already started (wow, I hope that never happens to me!)

Annelisa Christensen displaying The Popish Midwife in the Wine Rack, Wadhurst, arranged by
manager & ex-bookshop worker, Tara Lawlor

And, say you, as an author, do have a reasonable turnout, and those who've heard of you are interested in your book, and what you have to say about writing it, and researching it, you'd have to speak to an audience... of actual people! I don't know about you, but I've never been a big one to speak in front of big groups. Funny, really, because I was made Head Girl at school, and had to frequently make announcements to a whole hall full of students and teachers. And I've done plenty of things since, where I've spoken in front of groups.

One of the biggest (and, now, I think bravest) things I did was to have my head shaved off for cancer research in front of the whole school. No, I didn't have to speak then, but I spoke in front of everyone several times to let them know why I was doing it  (in this post, I changed the name of my best friend, Julia, at the time, for her privacy). The students were marvelous, and were so moved, they all went out with their collecting pots and dug deep in their pockets for spare change every break time! - all in all, over a thousand pounds was raised!)

Annelisa Christensen before, during and after
head shave for cancer research

Anyway, I digress. The point is, I've had to stand up in front of a lot of people many times, for one reason or another, but it still makes me nervous. I still have the memory of me, a painfully shy student at university, having to do a talk about my project in front a lecture theater of students. I can still remember the sweaty palms, the glazing eyes, the coughing when I started talking. I asked for a drink of water, and choked on it. The shame as, scarlet faced, I rushed out of the lecture hall. The further shame when the professor later found me and told me I should do a course in public speaking. Yeah, don't know why I felt bad about that, but I did. Maybe it was because I'd embarrassed myself in front of a lot of people and would rather forget about it, or maybe it was because I somehow felt inferior, because I had failed to do what everybody else in that room had done. 

The memory of that talk (or lack of it, as it turns out) still rears up every time I think of standing in front of people. Do I feel judged? Yes, I guess so. All eyes are on you and everything you do, from stuttering or forgetting what you were saying to unconsciously scratching your bum! For a short while, you are the bug in the jar.

Public speaking -
like a bug in a jar

So, I've been dreading, a bit, my first real book shop talk. I'm sure I'll get used to it. However, I am really, REALLY, looking forward to doing a virtual blog tour - how amazing is this! I can reach out to readers anywhere, focusing on the audience who'll like The Popish Midwife, and who love a good historical fiction based on a true story. I can find the folk who love to learn a bit about history, while being entertained at the same time. I can chat to people, answer questions, without actually standing in front of them - I could even be in my PJs with a glass of wine and who would know? (oh, unless I did a video interview, of course - I'd put my day clothes on then... ;-) )

The tour is just coming together, dates not yet finalised, but I would love to have you along to keep me company on my first step into the book-book tour world. The tour is being organised (even as we speak, by the wonderful Amy Bruno (@HFVBT). Please say hi to her! :-)

From October 17th to November 11th, please come and say hello. My itinerary will be posted at Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours soon - watch this space!

I'm posting a Mister Linky, in case any visitors to Script Alchemy are having their own virtual blog tour and would like to share...


  1. I'll try to share your books posts when your blog tour happens. - Brickley Jules https://brickleyjules.wordpress.com

    1. :-) Thank you so much, Brickley - that's so sweet of you! <3

  2. I'm always happy to help too Annelisa! Congrats on your tour and again on Popish Midwife! Hugs Lexi

    1. That's so kind of you, Lexi! You are such a dear to offer! Mwah!

  3. This is SO exciting Annelisa!! I can't wait for the tour. I will for sure share, share, share your tour!! I love Popish Midwife-reading it now!!

    1. That's so generous of you, Marcee - Thank you so much! <3 <3 <3