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20th February 2017 (Lily Amis) : Read My Mind The Blogger Magazine
14th March 2017 (Bibliana Krall) : Read My Mind

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3rd March 2017 (Bibliana Krall) : Read My Mind : The Blogger Magazine
4th March 2017 (Rachel McGrath) : Read My Mind
11th March 2017 (Grant Leishman) : BIRTH! It's a Bouncing, Baby Magazine - READ MY MIND!
15th March 2017 (Trevor Pacelli) : Read My Mind Magazine
16th March 2017 (Annelisa Christensen) : New Magazine: Read My Mind
21st March 2017 (Grant Leishman) : READ MY MIND: A Magazine - The Contributors
30th March 2017 (Rick Amitin) : Read My Mind!

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READ MY MIND | THE BLOGGER MAGAZINE (Official spring trailer)
Read My Mind (French)
Read My Mind, The Free Blogger Magazine (Deutsch / German)
Read My Mind presented by Sima Bee (Farsi, Persian)

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Official Read My Mind video

Read My Mind - The Blogger Magazine


  1. A great post Annelisa. Thank you for listing all the links here! Im afraid more links are on the way... :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Hopefully helpful to keep up to date with everything :-)