Sunday 20 January 2019

December Blues (Drabble)

December Blues

by Annelisa Christensen
Originally published by on 07/12/2018

Always such a stressful month, what with buying presents, sorting out who will go to whose home for Christmas and New Year, what to do about the pets, preparing food, etc.
All this on top of Christmas work parties, sorting out the Secret Santa and finishing off end-of-year stuff.
Just this last thing to do. Pull the switch on this murderer. So many bodies found buried in his garden. Shame. I hear he was lightning fast with his pen.
Oops! Power cuts announced all over the city.
That’s saved me having to put up the Christmas lights.

Like my previous drabble attempt, this one was written in the mood of authors murdering each other in drabbles, but with a touch of seasonal inspiration. Connected drabbles following my last drabble but before this one include

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