Sunday 8 February 2015

Script Alchemy - first step

Words that Flow has been a great blog over the years, and I love it for all it's been to me, but it's getting a bit old now. I've messed with the html so much that it no longer works as it should, takes too long to download, and is, frankly, a little bit of a mess. I tried to move it to an updated design, but much of what makes it the place I love simply disappears!

So...I've made my mind up to have a new beginnings are always exciting. You don't know where they're going to take you. Maybe nowhere. Maybe somewhere. Maybe they simply move you. But what I hope this blog will be is a place to write in the way I used to write on Words that flow - with myself as both the guide and the guided, and a place to add my favourite pictures of the day.

I don't have any hopes of this blog, except that it will be a place I return regularly. As I say, Words that flow is put to rest. I tried to rekindle it, but kept feeling I was trying to fit into a person I was ten years ago. Yes, that person is part of me, but I've changed a lot since then, as you do, and I would like to feel that the place I chose to write is the place for me-now, not for me-then.

Me-then was younger, a mother wrapped in bringing up four wonderful children, a fledgling writer, poet, photographer. Me-now, I see as a person who is more determined to make my dreams come true, especially as a writer. I have completed first draft of two very different a historical fiction, based on a real person, a woman I greatly admire, from the seventeenth century. The other is a 'magical realism' fiction, totally different. This one is the first of a series of (so far) another 5-7 books, probably more eventually, and is also in the process of 'first edit'.

My aim is to complete these two books this year. The Popish Midwife will hopefully be submitted through the traditional literary agency/ book publisher route. The others I fully intend to go straight to self-publishing. I've seen the difficulties of submitting even 'normal', well-written books to publishers, and how they reject virtually everything, especially if it doesn't slot absolutely into their genre groups or into either commercial/literary fiction...drives me nuts that books can't be taken simply on their own merit!!

So, anyway, I am not starting the journey from the beginning, I'm looking at the fork in the road and have decided, instead of taking the comfortable, well-worn path (Words that flow), I'm going to take that other path, so overgrown with tangled creepers and weeds that I can barely see the path, and can't even see the first corner - so exciting!

I welcome any that chose to take some of this journey with me, or who join me from my previous blog...old friends and new are welcome.

First step...

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