Friday, 30 November 2018

Burying His Pain (drabble)

Burying His Pain

Originally published by on 28/11/2018
There was another murder last night. Everybody’s talking about it.
Despite all the arguments they always had, I know poor old Lindsay Wade next door will miss his friend. He must feel awful after having that silly fight with him the other day. Such a shame they won’t have a chance to mend the fences between them.
Yes, there’s my neighbour now, still digging hard in the garden. He’s obviously taking it bad.
“Whoo-hoo! Mr Wade!”

He doesn’t seem very happy with me saying hello. He’s coming over. Why is he holding the shovel in the air like that?

*This was written in response to two other drabbles. The first, What, no Drabble? in which Mr Lindsay Wade implies other drabblers are buried in the garden. The second in which another author Irene C McCormick continued this storyline, seeing Mr Wade digging in the garden in Digging Again?
Mr Wade's drabble seems to have set off a spate of murderous drabble responses (I have another in the pipeline as well ;-) ): Drabblist resources for readers and authors


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