Sunday 28 April 2019

Sometimes one needs to not write about anything...

One thing I have recently realised is that, from the time I tried to have an 'author blog' I have blogged a lot less. In fact, I've almost stopped altogether, which is a great shame, since I used to enjoy it so much!

Back in the days... (I had to use that phrase, I do love it. It makes it sound so long ago. And I suppose it was over ten years ago... :-) ) Back in the days, when I had my blog Words that flow, I loved writing every day. I loved adding colour images - my own photos, not stock images - and being creative. Funnily enough, trying to be a creative blogger, writing about writing and writers has actually done the opposite to my output. It's not that I don't like doing those sort of things. I do! I love them. But doing only them is not allowing for all the other sides of my creativity.

So... over-exhausted by first Facebook then Twitter, I am returning to days of former - glory. Or, at least, days I remember to be filled with writing what I want and connecting with other bloggers. Connections I found to be more meaningful and ongoing. So....

...decision made. This is where I'm going to hang out if anyone wants to find me. This is where I'm going to call in every day and answer messages and re-connect with folk.

Anyone else feeling burned out by social media? Come and join me on a more sedate and enjoyable 'getting-to-know-you'. If we know each other on Twitter and Facebook, I hope we can reconnect here... (I'm more excited about this than anything I've done for quite a long time! Yay!)

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