Sunday, 23 October 2016

Spotlights on The Popish Midwife HFVBT Book Tour and new addition

The spotlight has been turned on The Popish Midwife to kick off the HFVBT Tour and how it shines!

A 'spotlight' is where a book is featured... something said about the book, the author (in this case, me! :-D ) and any extra information about where to find out more.

The spotlight is shining brightly at: 

19th Oct: The Book Connection

19th Oct: Blogarama

22nd Oct:

25th Oct:
Broken Tepee

27th Oct
A Literary Vacation

28th Oct
Passages to the Past

1st Nov
Book Nerd

2nd Nov
Guest Posts at:

4th Nov
Guest Post: Guy Fawkes and the Solemn Mock Processions
Let Them Read Books
27th Oct
Guest Post: Laughter, the Seventeenth Century Tonic
Books, Dreams, Life

Here's the rest of the tour (check back regularly; tour still updating) Guest Posts, Reviews and Interviews coming up over the next three weeks:

The Popish Midwife

(Oct 20 - Nov 11th)

Wednesday, October 19
Spotlight at The Book Connection

Friday, October 22

Wednesday, October 26

Thursday, October 27

Wednesday, November 2

Friday, November 4

Monday, November 7

Wednesday, November 9
Interview at The Book Connection

Wednesday, November 9
Guest Post and Review at Historical Fiction Obsession

Friday, November 11


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