Thursday 17 November 2016

Instafreebie Historical Fiction Giveaway

It's November, coming up to Christmas. You're probably beginning to think about presents for others, rushing around trying to find 'just the right' gift for your partner, your parents, your children, that close friend who you always swap with, work's 'Secret Santa'... it goes on. So much to think about. And with Black Friday coming up for all our American friends, there will probably be plenty of opportunities to fill the stockings, build a pile under the Christmas tree and fulfil all roles as partner, friend, workmate etc.

But... don't forget about you. Remember to take some time out and get some head space. Perhaps curl up on the sofa with a cuppa coffee or glass of wine and allow yourself to relax. Remember what that is? How often do we do something nice for ourselves?

Do you remember how much you love to read book? Do you even give yourself time to read these days? That's more than I do. Not enough anyway. I used to read and read and read, all the time: when I woke, during breakfast, when I came back from school, during the evening meal (I did get some rollickings for that!) and then under the covers in bed. That was back when I just turned teen, I read so much, I lived more in alternate universes than this one - sci-fi, love stories, adventure stories, literary fiction, historical novels. I was hooked on reading.

Hooked on reading? Wonderful! If there's anything in the world that's good to be addicted to, I thought, it's reading. But, these days, when do I find time to feed my addiction?  It's hard to stop doing everything I  'should' do, and do something I want to do, that's for sure. But I have a plan... a good plan. And that plan is to spend some time every evening reading novels, even if it's only a few pages of a book each night. I plan to take back some sanity, recover something of that youngster I once was. My TBR list is already long... time to shorten it.

So now we're thinking about ourselves, maybe you'd like to hear about a special offer? For the next four days (17th-20th November) I've joined up with a group of historical fiction authors to give away copies of our books for free.

These authors of historical fiction, including historical romance and historical fantasy, have come together to offer their books for free. Any of the novels on Alexa Kang's page (in the images in this post) are included in the offer.

What's the catch? Nope, no catch. It's easy-peezy. All you do is sign up to the mailing list of any or every book you fancy reading (there's no limit). It's a win-win. You get to download and read the books for free. And if, for any reason, you don't enjoy being on any of the authors' mailing lists, you can unsubscribe at any time. Of course, we each hope that you'll want to stay and get to know the author(s) behind the book(s), the person who put months, maybe years, into research and writing these stories.

Personally, I've already signed up to a list or two, and intend to sign up to a few more books. I love hearing about authors' lives, finding out what they're doing in between books. I also hope to find new authors I can follow and read in the future.

How about you? Do you see any novels here you might like to read? Go for it! Grab them for free while you have a chance :-)

Check out all the historical fiction, romance and fantasy novels on Alexa King's page. Help yourself to whichever ones you want.

Well, I'm off to download a few... hope to see you there :-)

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  1. incredible giveaway. book lovers must participate in it ..all kind of books u can get ..everyone can get an amazing reading experiences through this.